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Is it better to draw with Pen or Pencil?

The Pencil vs Pen debate has been there for a long time. Both are essential writing tools, and artists use them for drawing.

Some people believe that a pencil is better, while others find a pen more advantageous, so which one is better?

Pencils are better to draw for beginners, whereas Pens are comfortable for experienced artists. Which one is better to draw, a Pen or Pencil is one’s personal preference, and most technical factors lean towards Pencil. Drawing with Pencil is always better for most of us.

Even if it is a pen and ink drawing, I prefer to start with a pencil and then draw over it with a pen and then erase the pencil marks. This way, I use the best of both drawing tools.

Why is Pencil Drawing better for Beginners?

Pencils have Greater Control when Drawing

Pencils are great for beginners because they give greater control over the instrument, i.e., you draw what you see and not draw too much or too little. It is sometimes difficult to tell how black or thick your stroke will be when you draw with a pen.

Different Pressure in Pencil Drawing

When drawing in Pencil, you can control the impression with the pressure of your hand and the speed at which you draw. It is also easy to draw small lines with a pencil, as it is easier to create large shapes.

Mistakes can be easily erased

Mistakes done when drawing are easy to rectify with a pencil drawing using an eraser. Correcting a Pen and ink drawing is complex and will often leave the mark of the error committed.

Pencils can be used for better shading

You can shade better using a pencil than in Pen because Pencil gives a gradual build-up of darkness, and the Pen is either black or not. You can blend pencil shading using a blending stump, which is impossible when using a pen.

Pencil sharpness can be controlled

You can sharpen the Pencil, and you can control the tip sharpness to give excellent sharp lines. Blunt pencils leave behind a faint, scratchy line.

When sharpened to a fine point, a pencil can draw better details than a pen. When it comes to erasing such points, Pencil has the advantage over Pen because it leaves no marks like a pen would after erasure.

Pencil can be used for multiple types of Artwork creation

You can use pencils for many different artwork creations. In contrast, you can use limited application of pen drawing, mostly with technical drawings or fine lines such as writing letters and drawing cartoons.

Pens are better for artists who are comfortable with drawing because Pens give them greater control over the result, i.e., draw what you want to draw and not draw too much or too little.

For me always, pencils are better for beginners, and Pens are better for experienced artists.

Why does an Experienced Artist feel Pen Drawing is Better?

The answer is simple: Pens are comfortable for artists who draw fast and with greater accuracy with a pen stroke. Pencil drawing is a slow process, but you can draw with a pen quickly.

An experienced artist need not waste time drawing first using a pencil and then drawing over it with Pen. A professional artist can draw directly with Pen because he knows what to draw and how to draw.

Pens have fewer limitations than pencils when it comes to details, i.e., draw the smallest of lines with a pen or thick lines, and there are no limitations to what you draw.

You need to sharpen the Pencils now and then when the tip becomes blunt. In contrast, Pens draw continuously for a long time without being refilled with ink or sharpened.

Pencils become shorter by sharpening the lead with a blade, which wastes most of the Pencil. It is challenging to draw once it becomes small in length unless you use a pencil extender.

Pencil drawings are natural aging artwork, susceptible to smudging if you draw quickly or draw over the same area too many times. Pen drawing does not have this problem.

Personal Preference selecting Pen or Pencil for Drawing

Another reason one may select Pen or Pencil for drawing is a personal preference based on their comfort with a particular instrument. A beginner can draw well-using Pencils, and an experienced artist may draw better with a pen.

It does not mean that an experienced artist will draw using a Pen, and his preference may still be drawing with Pencil.

Drawing a Complex Scene

If the picture you are drawing is complex with more details, it is better to start with a pencil.

Using Pencil, you can create the shapes and other details in your drawing. Once the sketch or the draft is OK, it can be overwritten with Pen, and after that, you can erase the pencil marks.

Accuracy of your Drawing

If you want your drawing to be accurate, it is better to draw with Pencil. It is more so when doing technical drawing when precision is critical. In these cases, it is better to draw using a pencil.

Pencil marks are easily erasable and hence the suggestion.

Long-lasting Drawings

Pencil drawings get smudged easily; for example, drawing using pencils on paper with poor texture quality may not last long. In contrast, Pen drawings are more durable.

For Pencil drawing, it is always better to use fixative as it works as a coating on the surface of the Pencil drawing.

Creating Own Style

If you have created your style with either a Pen or a Pencil, you will ideally stick to that. Again this comes back to the same point, which art tool are you comfortable with?

Technical Reason why Pencil Drawing is Better for Beginners?

Different Grades of Pencil

Pencils come in different grades: F, H, B, HB, and B, serially numbered from B to 9B and H from H to 9H. H is the hardness of the Pencil, and B is the lead’s softness or darkness. In addition, you have mechanical pencils.

Applying correct pressure with different Pencils allows you to create unlimited shades and textures in your drawing. There are choices of colored pencils too.

Pencil shades can be Blended

You can blend the pencil drawings using a blending stump to draw smooth gradations of shades.

Pencils provide greater control over highlights and shadows that give depth and volume to your drawings.

Pencils can be Sharpened or Chiseled

How you sharpen your pencil tip depends on what type of drawing you want to create.

If you want to draw a thin line, you can sharpen your Pencil to that extent. If you’re going to draw a broad line or shade, you can chisel your Pencil accordingly.

Unlike standard Pens or ballpoint pens, you can modify your Pencil tips appropriately per your requirements.

When it comes to drawing or sketching with a pen and Pencil, beginners should start with the Pencil. It is easier for them to learn how to use it without frustration.

For more experienced artists who are used to using pens and ink to draw with Pen or Pencil, it’s best if they can choose their preference because both tools have pros and cons.

The important thing is finding what works for you to be happy while working on your art!

What has been your experience? Which tool do you think is better?

Pen or Pencil?

Let us know in the comments below!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which is better, a pen or a pencil, for drawing?

    It depends on the artist’s preferences and drawing type. Some artists prefer to draw with a pen because it allows them to be more precise, while others prefer pencils because they can create different shades and textures. Ultimately, it is up to the artist to decide which tool works best for them.

  2. What are the benefits of drawing with a pencil?

    Some benefits of drawing with a pencil include creating different shades and textures, greater control over highlights and shadows, and modifying the pencil tip as needed. Pencils also provide a more forgiving medium for beginners, as they can easily erase and correct mistakes.

  3. What are the benefits of drawing with a pen?

    Some benefits of drawing with a pen include creating precise lines, drawing on various surfaces, and pen drawings being more durable than pencil drawings. Pens also offer a more permanent medium for experienced artists who are comfortable with them.

  4. Why do some draw better with Pen than with Pencil?

    Some people may find that they are more precise with a pen, while others may prefer the different shades and textures that pencils can create. Ultimately, it is up to the artist to decide which tool works best for them. Either way, practice and experimentation are key to improving one’s drawing skills.

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