Madhan Kumar

Madhan Kumar is an artist and educator with several years of experience. He founded, a website dedicated to drawing and painting lessons and tutorials. Madhan is passionate about sharing his love of art with others. He believes that everyone has the potential to be creative, and he is dedicated to helping his art leaners reach their full potential.

how to improve your drawing skills

How to Improve Your Drawing Skills? (12 Tips)

Drawing is a learnable skill which improves by understanding the basics and keep practicing on a regular basis. You need to learn the fundamentals and understand the process. If you are making a mistakes, keep practicing that part till you get it right. Learn how to use the right art tools and the right medium for you, so that you are comfortable. I am sure you can quite significantly improve your drawing skills in a months’ time. Though we cannot quantify how much you can improve, sure you will draw better.

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