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Why do Artists Create Art? (13 Reasons)

Whether an art lover or an art student, it’s essential to understand why artists create art. We try to make beautiful things by using paint on a canvas or pencil on paper. We want to create something that has never been seen before, that will move people and make them feel something. And while there are many reasons why do artists create art, these thirteen are some of the most common and essential.

Expressing Yourself through Art

A lot of artists use art as an outlet to express themselves in different ways. Some might use painting to vent their emotions or release stress, while others might find that art allows them to communicate in a way they otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

A lady artists painting on her easel sitting with brush and pens around her
Artists Express themself through their Artwork

There are many different art forms, each allowing artists to express themselves uniquely. For some, art creation is therapeutic and can be a way to relax and escape everyday life’s challenges.

For others, art is a way to connect with other people and share their stories. Whatever the reason, many artists find that art is a valuable tool for self-expression.

Create Art for Art’s Sake

Artists make art simply because they enjoy the process and find it personally satisfying. This belief is supported by the fact that many artists continue to make art even when they are not financially successful.

Furthermore, artistic creation often requires a great deal of time and effort, so it makes sense for artists to devote themselves to this activity if they get some enjoyment from it.

Ultimately, the desire to create art for its own sake drives many artists to continue making art despite adversity. This passion helps us connect with their work and appreciate their talent.

Recording History and Culture through Art

Art has been a part of human culture since cave paintings. Throughout history, artists have used their work to record and preserve the history and culture of their societies. Some artists make art to record history and document their culture.

In many cases, art is the only way we have to understand the past. For example, we can learn much about ancient cultures from the artifacts and sculptures left behind. Artists have also used their work to protest social injustice or celebrate nature’s beauty.

Even today, artists play an essential role in preserving and celebrating culture. Creating works of art helps us to understand and appreciate the world around us.

Provoking Emotions through Art

an old sketch of red indian male pen and ink drawing
Artists Create Art to provoke Emotions

Whether a painting, sculpture or just a doodle on a piece of paper, art can touch our hearts and minds in a way that nothing else can. When we look at a work of art, we are forced to see the world differently.

We are challenged to think about things we may have never considered before. And perhaps most importantly, art makes us feel. It can make us feel happy, sad, angry, or scared. But whatever emotion it elicits, it is sure to be strong and memorable.

So next time you see a piece of art that catches your eye, take a moment to linger and let it affect you. You may be surprised by how deeply it affects you.

Make Art for the Love of It

While some people view art as a means to an end, for many artists, the process of creating art is its reward. Making art can be a way to express emotions, work through problems, or enjoy the act of creation.

Creating a painting can be gratifying and therapeutic, regardless of its motives. For some, making art is akin to meditation, providing a way to focus the mind and find inner peace.

Others see art as a form of communication, a way to share their ideas and feelings with the world. So, next time you’re feeling stressed or down, try putting pencil to paper and seeing what comes out. It is the best medicine.

Motivate and Inspire Others through Art

Many artist’s painting is the sole purpose of motivating and inspiring others. They feel that art provides a form of hope and that by producing beautiful or intriguing works, they can encourage people to see the world in a different light.

For some, art is something that they need to do to feel fulfilled. It is their passion and their life’s purpose. Others see it as a way to communicate their innermost emotions and experiences, giving viewers a window into their souls.

Regardless of the artist’s motivations, there is no denying that art can profoundly affect those who see it. People can feel moved, inspired, or even changed by simply viewing a work of art. Art can provide a much-needed ray of hope in a world often filled with darkness and despair.

Express Imagination and Creativity in Art

closeup photo of an artists painting a picture
Artists Express their imagination and creativity in Art

Many people question why artists continue to create art when their work may take time to succeed financially. Some propose that artists create artwork to express their imagination and creativity, which artists may stifle in other aspects of their lives.

Most art is visual, so it can provide a means of self-expression for the artist that cannot be found through writing or other forms of communication. For example, many people who are uncomfortable expressing themselves verbally often find drawing to be a helpful outlet.

In addition, some artists may feel that they have a duty to create art, as it can provide joy and inspiration for others. Museums exist solely to house and display works of art, and many people visit them purely out of interest in the various art forms.

Personal Growth in Art 

For many artists, creating art is a way to explore their innermost thoughts and feelings. In making art, they can work through personal issues and better understand themselves. In some cases, artists may even use their artwork as therapy.

For many people, the creative process is essential to personal growth. It can help them to find their voice and develop a stronger sense of self-awareness. By expressing their emotions through art, they can learn to cope with difficult situations and make peace with their past.

As they explore their creativity, they may also discover hidden talents and develop new skills. Ultimately, pursuing a creative passion can be one of the most rewarding experiences in life.

Connecting with others through Art 

One common thread that runs through all art is the desire to connect with others, be it an artist with his fans or a community as a whole. It is no secret that the world can be a lonely place, and art can provide a much-needed sense of connection.

Art provides a way to communicate our thoughts and feelings, even when we cannot find the words to express ourselves. It allows us to share our experiences and our stories with the world. And it gives us a way to relate with those who have been through similar things.

Art provides a much-needed connection in a world that can sometimes feel isolated and lonely. Art helps to create a community, even if it is only temporary. Because at the end of the day, the most important thing is the connection they can make with their audience.

Telling your Stories through Art 

painting on the roof of a cathedral explaining stories
Artists Tell Stories through Art

Some artists create artwork because they want to tell a story visually. They may feel that words cannot accurately capture the emotions or events they wish to convey, so they use colors and shapes to create a scene that gets their message.

Art can uniquely convey emotions and ideas in ways that literal language often cannot. It can be seen as a form of revolution in which artists challenge the status quo and offer new ways of understanding the world. When people look at a work of art, they can see whatever the artist wants them to see.

The artist has the power to control the way that viewers perceive their work. Stories told through art can also be exhibited in galleries and other public spaces, where they can reach a broad audience. 

Other artists become artists because they enjoy the challenge of trying to create something beautiful or unique. They may be inspired by the work of other artists and want to produce something equally as impressive.

Talent Showcase in Art 

Art is a great way to showcase an artist’s talent. It can be a way to share their skills with the world and motivate others. When artists showcase their talent in art, they share their best work with the world. This sharing of art can be a great way to get their name out there and gain recognition.

Artists experimenting with various mediums and techniques often learn new things about themselves. It can also help them to develop a following of fans who appreciate their work. In addition, showcasing one’s talent in the art can be a great way to learn more about oneself.

They may also find new ways to express themselves creatively. Overall, showcasing one’s talent in art is a great way to share one’s creativity with the world and learn more about oneself in the process.

Making a Living off your Artwork 

Many assume that artists are either wealthy or Trust-Funded and therefore don’t have to worry about making a living. However, the vast majority of artists have to work very hard to make ends meet.

Making artwork takes a lot of time and effort, but artists also need to promote and sell their work to make a living. This process involves contacting art dealers or galleries, exhibiting their work at art fairs, and setting up their website or online store.

It is a complex and frustrating process, as there is no guarantee that any given piece of artwork will sell. However, for many artists, the satisfaction of seeing their work hanging in someone’s home or office is worth the struggle. And, of course, there is always the hope that their artwork will be hanging in a museum one day.

Share their Unique Perspective in Art

an old painting depcting rock fort and trees in the background and house with some rocks in the foreground
Artists Share their Unique Perspective in Art

When artists create a work of art, they share their unique perspective with the world. Whether painting, sculpture, or photograph, each piece is a window into the artist’s soul.

Creating a work of art is deeply personal and may take months or even years to complete. The artist constantly chooses what to include and how to arrange the elements of their work. Every decision is an opportunity to express their point of view.

When you view a piece of art, you see the world through the artist’s eyes. It’s an opportunity to gain a fresh perspective and witness the world in a new light. As a result, every work of art is a true reflection of the artist’s worldview.


Which of the thirteen reasons artists create art speaks to you the most? For some people, it might be more than one. Whatever your reasoning is for creating art, keep doing it.

The world needs more color, life, and creativity. And who knows, maybe someday you’ll also make a living off your artwork.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why is provoking emotion through art so important?

    Provoking emotion through art is important because it can help people connect with the artist’s work on a deeper level and experience different feelings they may not usually experience. It can also help people learn more about themselves and their world.

  2. What is the best way to experience art?

    The best way to experience art varies from person to person. Still, some of the most common ways to experience it include viewing it in person, reading about it, listening to it, or sharing it through other senses.

  3. What drives artists to continue creating art?

    Many things drive artists to continue creating art. Some of the most common include the desire to express themselves, share their unique perspective, make a living, or motivate others. For this reason, artists continue to create art because it is an integral part of their lives.

  4. How does art affect the lives of artists and their communities?

    Art affects the lives of artists and their communities in many ways. It can provide a source of income, help people express themselves, evoke emotions, and inspire others. Additionally, art can help to build community relationships and make people more aware of different cultures.

  5. What value does art have in our society?

    Art is one of the essential expressions of human creativity. It can inspire, prompt thought, and evoke emotion. You can use it to document history, share stories, and create meaning in your lives. Art reflects our culture and values and is essential to our identity.

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