AI Generated Art image of something that looks like Venice during evening sunset, question is is AI Art bad

Is AI Art Bad | Reasons AI-generated Art is an Artist Tool

It’s no secret that AI is changing the world beyond our perception. But you may need to learn that AI is also changing the art world – for better or worse. Some people see AI-generated Art as bad, but it should be considered an artist tool for many reasons. Let me explain.

Is AI Art Bad?

AI art is not bad. It is a form of art that allows for exploring new ideas and techniques with less time and effort than traditional methods. Also, because a machine generates it, many options can be explored, which would be difficult or impossible with traditional methods.

A smiling face portrait of a south east asian lady done using AI Art
Is AI Art Bad – Artwork created by Jasper Art

AI art is not intrinsically badAI art is not a replacement for traditional art, but rather an extension of it. It offers new opportunities for artists to experiment with different mediums and compositions.

In addition, AI art can be a tremendous time-saving device. For example, an artist who wants to experiment with a new composition can use an AI program to generate hundreds of variations. The artist can then select the one that they feel is the best. This process would only be possible if the artist were working alone.

It represents a new and exciting direction for the arts and offers tremendous opportunities for artists to experiment with composition and medium. The sky is the limit regarding what can be achieved with AI art.

As an artist, rather than passing judgment on AI art, let us embrace it as a new form of expression that has the potential to take us places we have never been before.

What is Artificial Intelligence Generated Art?

Artificial Intelligence art is artwork created by artificial intelligence. Human artists use algorithms and prompt to create art. The art may be made through a machine learning process, wherein the artwork is created by making a series of decisions based on probabilities by the algorithm.

AI art is praised for its creativity and originality and has been criticized for its lack of human touch. AI artists may also use pre-existing artwork to create new artwork in some cases. The resulting artworks are often unique and may be difficult to discern from traditional paintings.

10 Reasons AI-generated Art is an Artist Tool

AI-generated art is not a bad thing and is a compliment to the already existing repertoire of art forms. Here are ten reasons why it should be considered as an artist tool:

Helps Artists to Be More Productive

One of the benefits of AI-generated art is that it can help artists to be more productive. Using AI to generate ideas and quickly create sketches, artists can save considerable time that would otherwise be spent on brainstorming and experimentation. This extra time can then be used to create more artworks or to perfect existing ones.

Help Artists to Experiment with New Styles

Line drawing of a traditional women in different style
Help Artists to Experiment with New Styles – Line drawing created using Jasper AI Artwork

AI-generated art can also help artists experiment with new styles or imitate another artist’s style. E.g. you can even try the Da Vinci style of artwork. By trying out different algorithms and techniques, artists can create artworks in styles they might have yet to explore, leading to new and exciting artistic discoveries.

Helps Artists to Overcome Creativity Blocks

Creativity blocks are a common problem for artists, and AI-generated art can help to overcome them. By providing a constant stream of new ideas, AI can help to jumpstart the creative process and get artists out of their ruts. Also, since AI is doing most of the work, artists are less pressured to develop perfect solutions, which can further help reduce human creativity.

Enables Artists to Try New Things

AI-generated art enables artists to try new things. Since AI is doing the work, artists can experiment with different styles and techniques without worrying about the outcome. This creates unique and interesting artwork which might only have been made with AI.

Helps Artists with lesser Wastage

Artists often face the problem of wastage, wherein a large amount of time and effort goes into creating a work of art that is eventually discarded. It can be frustrating and can lead to a loss of motivation. AI-generated art dramatically reduces the risk of wastage as artists can quickly generate multiple ideas and prototypes. And it helps to save time and effort and makes the creative process more fun.

Help Artists Save Money

Artists often spend a lot of money on art supplies. However, with AI-generated art, artists can create works of art using little to no supplies. It helps to save a considerable amount of money, which is used for other purposes, such as buying more art supplies or investing in other areas of their business.

Helps Artists to Experiment with Different Mediums

AI Artwork of a watercolor painting with river and boat on the left side and old hut and some wooden pillars
Helps Artists to Experiment with Different Mediums – Watercolor painting created using Jasper AI Art

In addition to helping artists experiment with new styles, AI-generated art can allow them to experiment with different mediums. Using AI to generate ideas, artists can quickly create sketches that can then be used to create paintings, sculptures, or any other type of artwork. This flexibility is one of the critical advantages of using AI for art.

Help Artists Reach a Wider Audience

AI-generated art can also help artists to reach a wider audience. Since AI-generated art is often unique and exciting, it can attract attention from people who might not have otherwise been interested in the artist’s work. This can increase their exposure and potentially lead to more sales.

Reduces Artist’s Workload

AI-generated art also reduces an artist’s workload as they no longer need to spend time on tasks such as developing a concept, creating a sketch, or painting. This means they can spend more time on other aspects, such as developing new ideas or promoting their work.

Helps Artists to Connect with Other Artists

Many online communities are dedicated to sharing and discussing AI-generated artworks. These communities provide artists with a better way to network and learn from each other. AI-generated art also helps artists to connect with other artists from around the world.

Disadvantages of using AI Art

Piles of art print lying in an art gallery disadvantage of ai art
Visual depiction of large amount of Art print lying in an Art Gallery. Image created using Jasper AI Art

Many people are not aware of the disadvantages of using AI art generators.

AI-generated art becomes commonplace, and it could devalue the work of human artists. Online art communities and portals may become flooded with low-quality AI-generated results, making it difficult for artists to gain recognition for their work.

Many artists feel angry because their livelihoods are being taken away by machines that can do the same job cheaper and without union fees. They fear that Artists will be replaced by AI. Commercial artists are also being hit hard because now there are many options for people to get their art for free online, which devalues their work.

Furthermore, the art industry is being turned upside down by these new technologies, and it is hard to say what will become of it.

Many artists rely on online art communities and portals to showcase and sell their work, but with so much free art available, these sites are becoming less and less popular.


AI art has many benefits that outweigh the disadvantages. It is an artist tool that can help artists save time, create more pieces, experiment with new styles, and reach a wider audience. However, the disadvantages of using AI art should be addressed.

The industry is being turned upside down by these new technologies, and it is hard to say what will become of it. The best as an artist is to embrace the change and experiment with AI art.

Who knows, you might create the next Mona Lisa.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the risks associated with AI art?

    One concern is that algorithms may produce unintended results or that artists misuse them to create offensive or objectionable content. Another risk is that AI may begin to eclipse human creativity in certain areas as it becomes more sophisticated.

  2. Is AI art popular?

    It is still early days for AI art, and it is still being determined whether or not it will become popular. However, there are already some well-known examples of AI artwork, and the field is increasing.

  3. Is AI art ethical?

    Some argue that AI art is unethical because it takes away work from human artists or is based on others’ copyrighted material. Others argue that AI art is ethical because it can help artists to create new and exciting artwork.

  4. How will AI Art impact traditional Artists?

    AI art could help artists to save time on tasks such as developing concepts or creating sketches. Additionally, AI art could be used to create artwork that is impossible by hand. Finally, online art communities may become flooded with low-quality AI-generated artwork, making it difficult for artists to gain recognition.

  5. How does AI art save time?

    AI art can help artists save time on tasks such as developing concepts, creating sketches, and experimenting with different styles and mediums. Additionally, AI art is used to create artwork that is impossible by hand.

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